Thursday, May 31, 2012

Didn't You FINISH Your Book?

I have a great idea for a new book. The title: "Stupid Things People Say To Piss Writers Off."

Earlier this week, while hanging out with my extended family, I pulled out my trusty writer's notebook and began to outline my next new project that I intend to work on. I got a good chunk done and continued working on it at home, when my wife asked me what I was doing. When I told her, she asked, "Didn't you finish your book?" I stared. I gaped. I glowered.

My wife doesn't support my writing as much as she tolerates it.I won't go into the sordid details because the reality of it is that she's an amazing woman and the last thing I want to do is publicly embarrass her. But she's not the only one that I just stare at and shake my head when they respond to my writing. Most people don't, especially when it comes to the business of being a writer.

It's a funny business, we all can agree on that. And "normal" people don't understand. Quite frankly, the majority of people trying to break into the business don't understand the business. Don't believe me? Look at the Comments sections on Query Tracker or on any number of message boards or blogs where someone has come up with a clever pseudonym and spends their time blasting agents and legacy publishing. We really are an entitled bunch! A few "nos" or someone not telling them they are special and people tuck tail and run away, loudly proclaiming that people in the publishing industry are evil and that traditional publishing is de....uh-oh....I'm starting a rant here that wasn't the intent. I'm trying to be a kindler, gentler me.

Anyway, I can remember my mother once asking me what was going on with my book. I told her I was done, but it needed an edit and a rewrite. Her response? "Just send it to an editor, that's what they are for."

Nearly crashed the car after that one. 

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The only person who understands a writer is another writer.