Thursday, January 5, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

It's hard to believe I haven't posted since my big announcement, but with said announcement comes the hard work of doing what needs to be done with the submission process and writing the second book. It's strange how things have changed now that I'm another step closer to being a "professional writer" and I'm not just doing this as a "hobby" anymore. I got off to a stumbling start over Christmas break. I'm married to an Italian, which means the 24th to the 26th are nonstop food days. And they were great. I even managed to hammer out 1200 words on the 26th using Google Docs on my phone. I'm all business.

I'm just going to have to really buckle down in the next few months. I've got a lot of plates spinning. I'm a HS English teacher too. It's been an already insane year that has been compounded by a few things that have been thrown on my plate this month. I'm going to be working with an education professor colleague from Syracuse University that I've worked with the last few years in a professional development manner directly in my classroom. We'll be co-teaching and working hand in hand at improving writing for urban students. It's exciting and daunting. She's a pretty impressive lady. It just means my planning has to be stellar. The bonus being she and I will be planning together and it's already going really, really well. On top of that, we're going to be working with the social studies teacher on my team (we team teach Freshman) at integrating and rolling out the new "Common Core" that we're switching to. It's SUPER daunting considering some things that I won't talk about publicly. That alone means I'm going to be busy. Add on to the fact that I am planning not one but two major surgeries this year (I will blog about them in the near future) and I'm slowly integrating working out back into my schedule.

And I've promised my agent I am going to try and write a very big book in 90 days! I wrote up my writing plan and think I have outlined and planned enough that if I keep myself to task, I could get in a sick amount of words (750k).

And I want to keep blogging (Trope of the Week and add some more features.)

And I want to fire up a sports blog.

And I have never been more excited about my life.