Friday, July 6, 2012

Making The Call

I'm not there yet, but I was wondering today about my fellow writers, aspiring and published, what was your "making the call" to tell people you got a "deal." I've thought about this a lot. Here's mine, in order

  1. My wife.
  2. My mother, who will in turn tell my brother and sister.
  3. My father.
  4. Wife's grandmother.
  5. Mine and my wife's aunts, uncles and cousins via mass text message or email.
  6. Betas and writing supporters. (Y'all know who you are.)
  7. Some close friends, either email or text massage. When I know they all have found out, then I got to #8.
  8. Facebook/Twitter friends.
  9. Blog entry for the whole world.
So, what's your order?