Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The End of Summer Novelette Challenge

Summer vacation is in its twilight and I have a ton of prep work to do for the coming school year in addition to catching up with some summer work that I fell behind on last week. That being said I've decided to level a writing challenge to myself in light of all of this.

School starts, officially on September 2. I intend to write a novelette in that time period. For those of you that aren't sure, a novelette, by the Hugo's definition, is a work of fiction between 7,500 and 17,500 words. As I have it planned right now, it should come in about 15k words and I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. The novelette's tentative title is "The Orphan's Brooch" and it's a prequel, of sorts, to my novel in progress The Sisters of Khoda. The basic story is that Jaiman, one of the MCs of Sisters, has a crush on a girl that just moved into his neighborhood. During a party, she has a valuable family heirloom stolen...a brooch with a big secret. Jaiman and his friends track down the brooch and discover the secret, leaving Jaiman with choice of what he has to do.

After I finish that and school settles down a bit, I'm going to make a run at finally finishing The Seven Labors of Nick Jablonsky, do a thorough rewrite of the aforementioned Sisters of Khoda and work on my MG horror book. I also want to do NANOWRIMO this year with something fresh.

I'm probably insane, but I had a lot of good ideas this summer and didn't do a good job of executing any of them.

I'll be posting updates, work counts, lines and passages, on Facebook and Twitter as I write.

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